▲ I Love Seoul - “Hotels” [PMEP039] OUT NOW! FOR FREE! ▲


I Love Seoul a.k.a Jesús P; beatmaker, producer and rapper from Madrid, Spain. I Love Seoul started making electronic beats in 2008 and is one of the first signed artist on PIR▲.MD Records. “Hotels” is his return to the game, a short 4-track EP composed by beautiful pads, sampled drum breaks, and synth arrangements. Enjoy it.

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▲ Hiram Martínez - “Weaker Metals” [PMEP038] OUT NOW! FOR FREE!! ▲


"Weaker Metals" is the debut EP of the Zapopan-based producer & RBMA NYC 2013 participant and now part of the PIR▲.MD Records roster: Hiram Martínez. “Weaker Metals” is an experimental EP that consist of 2 tracks and one remix by Fonobisa. The EP is full of beautiful drones and pads mixed with deep vocals, synths and hypnotic beats. Enjoy this beautiful and organic joy.

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▲ Harry Caine - Tulipán - 4MHB [PMLP035] OUT NOW! For free! ▲


"Tulipán - 4MHB" is the newest album by the Morelia-based producer and beatmaker; Harry Caine. This work took months and months of inspiration and studio sessions and features some of his finest beats with jazz and soul influences and some soft-synth arrangements. 

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▲ Ruido - “Sampling is not Dead” [PMLP034] AR-038-CD OUT NOW! FOR FREE! ▲

In the Tradition of Co-Op-Releases, we present You the already 4th Instalment with our Friends from Pira.MD (Mexico) 

This Time our Friend and Pira.MD Artist “Ruido” drops an Album full of dirty Drums, wonderful Arrangements, Melodies, Samples and Guest Appearances by Remo Virogha, Tony LaCoca & Ace Hitter 


Production by Ruido 

Raps by Remo Virogha, Tony LaCoca & Ace Hitter 

Cover-Art by Bore ( boreh.tumblr.com

▲ Turning Torso - “Suite” [PMCD001] (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!!) ▲


Limited Editon CD Album SOLD OUT

"Suite" is an EP produced and composed by the Queretaro-based producer and guitarist, Turning Torso. This EP consist in a bunch of unreleased tracks meticulously mixed in a 21-min single track. The album is highly influenced by minimal, ambient, future jazz and electronic beats. Dainty and simple, just perfection. Enjoy it.

Produced and composed by: Turning Torso 

Visit: tutorso.com

▲ Paperworks - “Metadata” [PMEP037] (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!!) ▲

Paperwork is back with a new EP titled “Metadata”. A little bit different compared with his previous works. This time the Guanajuato-based producer give us an exquisite mix of trap beats with idm/glitch influences. Ace Hitter from Doom Provides features in “No Tengo Nada” with killer rhymes and a perfect flow. Check it out and protect your neck.

Artwork by: http://filmout.jp/


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▲ Turning Torso - “Suite” [PMCD001] LIMITED EDITION CD (10 COPIES). PRE-ORDER OUT NOW ▲


▲ Mr. Vampire & His Magic Sound On Fire + Cltrlsndtrck - “Sonar / Razon” [PMEP036] OUT NOW! FOR FREE! ▲


"Sonar / Razon" is an EP produced and composed by the mexican artists: Mr. Vampire & His Magic Sound On Fire and Cltrlsndtrck. This EP consist of two pieces: "Sonar" and "Razon", the first one is an IDM and glitch influenced track with hip-hop touches, it remind us the authentic blip-hop from early 2000’s. The second track, "Razon" is influenced by lo-fi techno, a progressive tune with an hypnotic beats and grainy textures. This album was composed using processed samples, glitched and metalic breaks, pedals, field recordings and minimal arrangements. Enjoy it.

Mastered by: Paperworks

More info:

Mr. Vampire & His Magic Sound On Fire




▲ Wikens - “spook dipout” [PMEP035] OUT NOW! ▲


Wikens is a producer from San Francisco, CA., living in Guadalajara, Mexico. “spook dipou” is his debut EP on PIR▲.MD Records, a mixture of electronic beats and house with African music influences focused on dancefloor rhythms. Enjoy it!.

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▲ Ruido - “Dusty Beats Vol. 3” [PMLP033] (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!) ▲

Ruido is back with the 3rd volume of the “Dusty Beats” saga. The two past volumes were more focused on beats, but in this volume the Mexican producer worked with some rappers like: Ace Hitter and Tony LaCOCCA (from Doom Providers), Remo Virogha, Timer, Bull$hyt, Grillo, $ark, Moreth and Gang$ta. The formula is the same, samples taken from old Mexican movies dialogs, mexican folk music, sp404 fx’s and electronic touches. Enjoy it. 


➪ Note: Limited edition CD features 5 bonus tracks: 

17. Ni Usted a Mi 

18. bo$$ 

19. Killa 

20. Como el Humo Voy 

21. De$graciado$ 

Order here: hustle_714_@hotmail.com

Mastered & mixed by: Ruido and Vulcano Records 

Additional trumpet in tracks 2 & 16 by: Chucho García 

Artwork by: Moreth & TigerForce

▲ Sick Morrison - “Show de Burlesque” [PMLP032] (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!!) ▲


It’s been over 4 years ago since his last work “Acid Trip Lo-Psych”, probably the most important album of the Monterrey based rapper; Sick Morrison. “Show de Burlesque” it’s more than an album, it’s a  conceptual mixtape. Throughout the album you can enjoy real lyrics about night life, excesses, lovelessness and depression. This mixtape features beats from Yercce, Wk, Gramatik, JarsMan, CYBEREALITYライフ, MererBeats and IvyClub. It also includes a collaboration with Wk and Double Dee. Now, let’s wait for his next official album. Enjoy it.

Artwork by: TigerForce & Urbanprops

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▲ Listen now: PIR▲.MD Records Weekly Mix #001: Harry Caine ▲

PIR▲.MD Records Weekly Mix #001: Harry Caine by Piramdrecords on Mixcloud

☞ PIR▲.MD Records Weekly Mix #001 is mixed by the Mexican beatmaker Harry Caine. This mix includes some of his favorite beats and beats taken from his forthcoming LP titled: “Tulipán - 4MHB” (coming soon via PIR▲.MD Records). 

Harry Caine on Souncloud: http://soundcloud.com/harrycaine

Harry Caine on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarryCaineBeats

No tracklist this time, sorry folks.

Artwork: Bore http://boreh.tumblr.com/

▲ MVNG - “Trust Your Struggle” [PMEP034] (OUT NOW!) (FOR FREE!)

Gerardo Salazar is a Guadalajara-based producer from L.A.. A few years ago the Chicago footwork music changed his life and this inspired him to create his project MVNG. “Trust Your Struggle” is a mixture of footwork rhythms, jazzy samples and hip-hop influences. Soft synths, 808 patterns, chopped jazz samples, digital effects and vocals are basic elements of this EP. Colateral Soundtrack puts his own touch on “Crucial”.Enjoy it.

Music by: MVNG 


Photo & cover artwork by: Mister Bouncer 


Photo taken in Havan, Cuba; 2014 

Track 3 “Crucial” co-produced by Cltrlsndtrck: 


▲ The Incredible Tall - “Rest in Pieces Vol. 4” [PMLP031] (OUT NOW!) ▲


The Incredible Tall is a rapper and label owner (Amajin Records) from Germany. “Rest in Pieces” is the 4th part of a saga of albums, full of rap, dope and versatile beats and madness. This album is proof of evolution and quality. Productions by: Drumboy, Mr. Backside, Osysseus Button, Mr. Backside, Kryone and Cleffpalette. Artwork: Hellbrecht. Exectutive Producer: Mr. Backside.

More info:


▲ Weed Konducta - LOW KEY EP [PMEP033] OUT NOW! (FOR FREE!) ▲

After his two previous beat tapes, the Xalapa-based beatmaker; Weed Konducta, is back with a 7-track EP (+bonus track), because it’s time to celebrate the 420. This work is a little bit different from his original style, it’s more focused on a screwed lo-fi trap with trilled footwork influences. If you like trippy beats with high compression and dark vibes, this is for you. Because everyday is 420. 

Beats by: Weed Konducta 


Artwork by: Bore 


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